Oferta pracy w Hitachi Energy

Oferta pracy w Hitachi Energy


There’s an exciting opportunity to join SCM and lead the contract management function to enable business success, which for SCM is a direct contribution to the bottom line.

You would have the opportunity to work with all types of sourcing agreements (ranging from goods & services, software licensing, transport frame agreement, consultancy service agreement and many more). You would be safeguarding and improving our global standard terms & conditions for purchase working with legal counsels in different region and countries. You would also be the thought leadership on how we contract in SCM adapting advanced technologies and best practices.

Some detailed responsibilities can be found in the job advert attached. This is a global position so the working location is flexible with relocation possibilities.

If you are interested in knowing more or have any questions, please feel free to contact Michelle Wang the hiring manager at michelle.wang@hitachienergy.com.

You can apply to this position by using the following LINK